Lady Gaga Thinks Rebecca Black Is A Genius

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During her interview at the Google offices, Lady Gaga declared: “I say Rebecca Black is a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of shit.” [Pop Eater]
Watch the full, one hour video of Lady Gaga at Google (in which she talks a lot about bullying) here. [Gaga Daily]

Chris Brown is sorry about what happened at Good Morning America. “I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office,” he says. “I’m disappointed in the way I acted.” [HuffPo]
Chris Brown will most likely have the number one album in the country next week. [Billboard]

Blake Lively — flat and dull on Gossip Girl, completely unconvincing in The Town — will recieve CinemaCon’s Breakthrough Performer of the Year award March 31 in Las Vegas. Apparently she has “captivated audiences and critics around the world.” And! She’s in Green Lantern, which hits theaters in June. [Hollywood Reporter]

Carol Burnett has an amazing story about Elizabeth Taylor, and you can see her tell it in a video at the link. [Hollywood Reporter]
Liz Taylor‘s favorite gay bar — The Abbey in West Hollywood — has set up a candle-lit shrine to La Liz. This weekend, if you buy a Blue Velvet martini at the bar, all the proceeds will go to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation. [TMZ]
When Zsa Zsa Gabor heard about Elizabeth Taylor‘s death, she became “inconsolable.” Her blood pressure shot up to dangerous levels and she was hospitalized. [Hollywood Reporter]

  • News from 1991: Whoopi Goldberg was super stoned before she won her Oscar for Ghost, having smoked a “wonderful joint” before she went on stage. [TMZ]
  • Matt Damon loves 30 Rock, and if Tina Fey wants him back he will oblige. [Perez]
  • The mansion where the American Idol contestants live is haunted. Some of the kids have moved out. [TMZ]
  • After The City‘s Samantha Swetra made a comment about how drunk Paz de la Huerta was the other night, Paz — whose name means peace — got pissed, threw a glass, and punched Swetra in the face. Now Paz has been arrested. She’ll be in court on April 18. [TMZ]
  • Reese Witherspoon turned 35 on Tuesday! She had lunch with her mom Betty and her dad John, her brother and two nieces. [People]
  • Will Jeremy Piven and his ill-kempt hairpiece replace Chuckes Sheen on Two And A Half Men? [Radar Online]
  • Charlie Sheen has fired his book agent. [Page Six]
  • Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are over. For good. [Us Magazine]
  • Love, love, love Brooklyn Decker‘s haircut. Upgrade. [People]
  • Aretha Franklin will celebrate her 69th birthday on Friday, and she has big plans to hit the town in NYC — a Broadway show and a big party. [Gatecrasher]
  • Ashley Greene was seen “all over” Chris Evans, if you care. [E!]
  • Ja Rule is going to the pokey. The hoosegow. The slammer. [LA Times]
  • Oh, man, imagine you were adopted, and you found out your biodad is Ted Nugent? [Wonder Wall]
  • “I did kind of approach being a dad as a friend. I was a great playmate. I mean, for teaching [my children] how to camp and build fires and ride motorcycles and four-wheelers, and horses, and all those fun kind of things. I was really good at that. As far as sitting down and doing algebra and science, the homework, I wasn’t very good at that. So I look back on it and think, ‘You know what? Maybe, no doubt, I could have been a better dad.'” — Billy Ray Cyrus. [People]
  • “I grew up with my father as an attorney, so I generally have always been interested in criminal cases and forensics.” — Kim Kardashian. [NY Post]
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