Lady Gaga's Pissed Off Because Bloggers Ruin Everything


Lady Gaga has posted a new video from one of her multiple YouTube accounts that shows her being booed as she looks at the camera petulantly, a spotlight on her face.

Captions run across the screen like “Lady Gaga is no longer relevant”; “Ever since Born This Way, she’s a flop”; “Do NOT buy her new single APPLAUSE on iTunes” and my personal favorite, “She’s over.”

“STOP THE DRAMA. START THE MUSIC.” Lady Gaga’s new stance is that it’s “bloggers” who have ruined music and therefore, her work for the masses, and that she has in some way been unfairly targeted in her attempt to sell herself. Just look at these tweets from yesterday:

In Gaga’s mind, bloggers lie in a transom between the fans, who will always love her because they are in name supposed to, and critics, who are artists themselves because they have really studied this work. Every one else in the middle of these categories is a “blogger”, someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about because they live online and disagree with her.

Gaga is at least slightly observant; she realizes that the true Gaga backlash came around the the time she put out Born This Way, an overwrought album featuring the overwhelming message that you should love yourself (somehow made political through a connection to gay rights) that would be saccharine if it wasn’t so shrill. But it didn’t come because people have some sort of Taylor Swift-like vendetta against her; it came because she started blabbing on endlessly about equality while also deciding that her music would be devoted to the same thing – and then put out subpar music. It’s actually a testament to her the high-level of fame that she’s achieved that she’s able to get upset about her message being denigrated by any one at all; it’s usually the second step in a celebrity’s relationship with the press, right after the excitement that they’re being written about at all fades For actors and actresses it comes in the form of realizing they’ll never be able to go anywhere without having people pay attention to them again. But since – as indicated by the content of her new single – Gaga loves that part of her job and considers her whole life a performance, the only thing she can get mad about is how that job isn’t being taken in the way she wants it to be taken.

Gaga has tried to align herself with her fans and the true critics by painting herself as an outcast, being denigrated by a blog culture that just wants to hate her. Unfortunately for her, she’s not: her success means that she’s part of the machine now, which she must know on some level, given her devotion to using her platform to bring attention to her pet cause, LGBT rights. But whether she has any true perspective on this latest Andy Warhol-esque marketing campaign or not, Gaga has forced herself in a category of celebrity and performer that won’t shut up and let their work speak for itself, which is the actual irony displayed in this video, given that that’s what she wants the “bloggers” to do. Remember Gaga: Bloggers are people too.

Image via Pacific Coast News Online

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