Ladymags Are Super Stoned

Getting high isn’t just for scrubs any longer – it’s for real, grown ladies who pick up a copy of Vogue at the newsstand each month or wait eagerly for the latest issue of Elle to come in the mail. Weed, ladies and ladies, is in.

In the past two months, Vogue and Elle have each published their own substantial pieces about weed, marijuana, pot, Mary Jane or whatever kids are calling it these days (I don’t know mom: I’m a true lady and I don’t touch the stuff). Vogue‘s piece, an article by Jeffrey Steingarten about cooking with weed, managed to snag a coveted spot in their September issue., by contrast, is devoting their entire week to weed-related coverage, calling it, “The Pot Issue”:

But what about the women of pot? Who weeps THC-laced tears of joy for them? We do! All this week on, we will be exploring the way weed culture has infiltrated our daily lives: from the new portrayals of lady tokers (you know, real women who smoke as opposed to the so-called “stiletto stoners” or “pot-babe centerfolds”) in shows such as Broad City and High Maintenance, to the smart, enterprising women who’ve made viable careers in cannabis (a demographic yesterday’s Sunday Styles section also explored), to an illustrated guide to scoring stuff for the girl who has, well, never before scored the stuff. We hope you’ll find the coverage to be educational, thought-provoking, and more than anything, highly entertaining. Please read responsibly.

Of course, this is hardly the first time our women in print have tackled this issue – why there are pages to fill and you need content to do that! Way back in 2009, Marie Claire put out the aforementioned “Stiletto Stoners” article, while just in January, Elle published a piece about women working in the marijuana industry. Perhaps this brazen weed smoking can be credited to blog life, as Paper Mag explained in June with their piece “Coming Out as a #StonerGirl Online: The Emergence of the Female Pot Smoker.” It was probably only a matter of time that the actual tree-based publications caught up. Because like, hate to brag, but…took you long enough.

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