Larry King Macks On Betty White


It Girl Betty White appeared on Larry King Live last night and she was, as you’d expect, endearing and funny. Particularly when it came to King’s apparent fixation on her sexuality, which she handled with comic aplomb.

Betty said “hookerville” — she’s just like us! And in a way, it’s great that Larry is cognizant of the fact that Betty isn’t some asexual old biddy; as we’ve touched on before, eldersex is a reality! On the other hand, everyone might be more comfortable if we could continue to think of Ol’ Shoulderblades as a eunuch — even if he’s married to his eighth wife — and that comfortable denial of reality is utterly shattered when you hear him asking outright asking Betty if she was a “loose woman” (a phrase which, if anything, reminds us how old these two really are). But Betty can handle Larry’s guff, and we love her for that.

But then Larry — who’s younger (he’s 11 years her junior) and perhaps sees a cougar worth being chased by, keeps pushing the topic.

Christ, Larry — belabor the point much? And soon, it seems like he’s asking Betty questions — “Do you have a crush?” — just to score some intel for himself.

Okay, dude, why don’t you just pass her a note under the table and ask her to check one of the Yes-No-Maybe boxes you’ve lustily scrawled for her?

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