Launch Me Into the Sun: It’s The Astrological New Year!

In this week's astrology update, let's discuss the Virgo full moon triple threat and what that means for the signs.

Launch Me Into the Sun: It’s The Astrological New Year!
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Welcome back, Earthlings, to your weekly astro update! This week, we’ve got a hearty Virgo full moon on March 18 in *checks notes* Virgo, followed by the spring equinox and what astro nerds call the astrological new year. While you can still bust out your finest bottle of Andre to celebrate the newness in the air, the full moon is bringing the school lunch lady energy and reminding us to eat a balanced meal, too. We’ve got three celestial heavy hitters complementing each other in Earth signs, offering up a solid menu of Salisbury steak (Pluto in Capricorn) mashed potatoes (full moon in Virgo) and cafeteria cookies (lunar North Node in Taurus). The broader astro weather is pointing to big changes around the bend, but the Virgo full moon wants us to take care of what’s on our plate right now.

We’ve already talked about Pluto bringing its transformational influence to our relationships and work by meeting up with Mars and Venus early this month, and tossing them unceremoniously in the Capricorn dunk tank. Wherever Pluto goes, it brings a hefty dose of uncomfortable revelations and do-or-die choice points, which goes for our own lives as well as society at large with the ongoing U.S. Pluto return. But Pluto often gets a bad rap, even though the skies are brighter on the other side of its Gordon Ramsay routine. Instability is a natural part of change, but change can be good – eventually. The good news is that with Pluto talking to the North Node, representing our collective future, this rambling and slightly unhinged story is actually getting to a point, even if we don’t know what it is yet. (FYI: the north and south lunar “nodes” are mathematical points where the moon’s orbit around the Earth intersects the Earth’s orbit around the sun – not the vocal cord growths that sit on your windpipe and crush your dreams.)

The third element of this triple threat known as an “earth grand trine,” the Virgo Full Moon, is giving us the tools we need to build the plane, even if we’re already flying it. Virgo is about the details – it’s your dad who plans the vacation itinerary six months in advance and shows up for the flight three hours early, sporting a fanny pack and white Reeboks. Yes, it will be stressed out that we can’t plan for what we don’t know, but it can help us manage the things we can control in the meantime.

On March 20, we’ve got the sun moving from geriatric Pisces into spring chicken Aries, and the wheel of the Zodiac starts again. Happy new year, astro nerds! The sun is fired up in Aries and wants us to pound a Red Bull and get shit done, but Jupiter, Neptune and Mercury are still lagging behind it in dreamy Pisces, a sign that prefers vision boarding with a glass of Merlot. It’s a bit of a “hurry up and wait” vibe. The trick will be to figure out what pieces of your life you can realistically move forward now, and where it’s best to hang back and let Jesus take the wheel. As astrologer extraordinaire Molly McCord says, the Pisces influence will help us trust the uncomfortable void. Then, on March 22, Uranus will elbow Mars and Venus in a 90 degree angle called a square, meaning something unexpected could come up. This will likely be in the relationship realm, although I’m not ruling out something having to do with those giant spider paratroopers that are about to take over the East Coast. I don’t trust those dudes.

How each sign can best navigate the astrological weather this week:


You’re the pioneer of the Zodiac, but the problem is, you want to get to the new place as soon as possible. You were the Oregon Trail player who threw caution to the wind and caulked and floated the wagon over a high river rather than pay for a ferry or wait for better conditions. The stars will support you in calculated risks now, but there’s no need to rush.


You’re a soul who likes things to stay the same, which means you’re probably feeling uprooted right now. Though, so much of what brings you stability are things you’ll always carry, no matter where life takes you. Count on yourself as much as others do, and charting a new course won’t seem as scary.


You’re no stranger to starting new ventures, and the lure of the unknown is like catnip to you. Just be sure you carefully contemplate your next move before you pounce, lest you end up batting a ball of tin foil around the floor. Paws-ing will feel uncomfortable at first, but practice makes purrfect. (My sincere apologies for this disgraceful paragraph.)


It’s hard out here for a crab. The stars are asking you to step up and be seen, but you’re far more comfortable being a hermit. The world needs your intuition and insight now more than ever, so practice being vulnerable by taking a small side-step this week, like sharing a piece of your writing, music, or artwork with a friend.


When you jaywalk, people usually follow you, assuming it’s safe to cross the street by your confident stride. While everyone is responsible for themselves, keep in mind this week that even small decisions you make set the tone for others. That’s especially important to remember if you’re contemplating a big move.


For most people, the devil is in the details. For Virgos, the details are like the middle part of the Cinnabon. Use this to your advantage as you plot your next step – instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big thing, break it down and enjoy the satisfaction of checking each incremental part of it off your Google task list.


You’re the person who makes sure everyone on the team feels included. But when it comes to making big decisions in your life, you’re the head cheerleader, and this is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy. Listen to loved ones’ opinions, but if it’s keeping you stuck in analysis paralysis, trust yourself to make the final call.


You’re great at planning for the worst, but at hoping for the best? Not so much. Even though you would definitely tough out a Yellowjacketsstyle wilderness survival scenario, when you focus only on the negative potential outcomes, you block your blessings. Yes, bad shit happens, but so does good shit, all the time.


When archers take aim at a new goal, they expect to hit the bullseye. Your optimism will be a strong ally as you plan your next adventure, but take some notes from the Virgo playbook and make sure you have your T’s crossed and I’s dotted before you strike. Even your best shot would get thrown off course if you forgot to check Weather Kitty for a wind storm.


Goats aim to get to the top of the mountain, but they take one step at a time. While your ambition is unmatched, you prefer to reach your goals with a measured pace. When the stars require a big leap, get support from people who have done it before (they all live on YouTube) to help calm your nerves.


You’re probably already following the unbeaten path, but remember that shaking off social constraints is only one way to achieve freedom. Google “limiting beliefs” and investigate whether you could be blocking your own progress with a role or mindset you have created for yourself. Once you know it’s there, it’s toast.


You can be sensitive to criticism, and sometimes get stuck in inaction over fears of what others might think. Remember that the people who matter the most to you should want you to be happy. If someone close to you is prioritizing their own opinions over your well-being, it’s time to set some boundaries.

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