Lauren Boebert Embarrasses Herself Yet Again

The far-right Colorado congresswoman announced she's switching districts for the 2024 election, then blamed the decision on Ryan Reynolds and Barbra Streisand.

Lauren Boebert Embarrasses Herself Yet Again

We’ll never know if Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) makes New Year’s resolutions, but it’s clear that, if she does, “Don’t make yourself look stupid” was definitely not on the list for 2024.

On December 27th, Boebert announced she’ll be running for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, instead of the 3rd, which she currently represents. In her announcement video, she blamed “Hollywood elites and progressive money groups” for the decision. Even though it’s very clearly based on the fact that the 4th District is much more conservative, thereby giving her a better chance at retaining a seat in the House. But, in an interview on Steven Bannon’s War Room podcast over the weekend, she blamed Barbra Streisand and Ryan Reynolds instead.

“It’s coming from Hollywood when you have Barbra Streisand coming in and donating to the Democrat, when you have Ryan Reynolds coming in and donating to the Democrat,” she told Bannon of her move. “It shows you that Hollywood is trying to buy their way into Congress.” Or that Hollywood just thinks Lauren Boebert sucks.

Blake Lively’s husband and the author of one of the longest celebrity memoirs of all time both donated to Bobert’s opponent, Democrat Adam Frisch. (Boebert only won the 2022 race against Frisch by 546 votes. His campaign has since outraised hers by $7.7 million to $2.2 million.) Except, Streisand donated $1,000 to him in April, while Reynolds donated $500 in March and another $1,000 in May, according to the Federal Election Commission filings. Every dollar counts, sure, but $2,500 (or 0.03% of Frisch’s total fundraising efforts so far) is not quite the dark-money-Hollywood-cabal conspiracy theory Boebert wants it to be.

In November, the rep for Colorado’s 4th district, Ken Buck, announced he would not be seeking re-election in 2024, partly because there are still so many election deniers in the GOP. This made way for Boebert to ditch her race against Frisch for a more conservative district on the other side of the state. (She doesn’t need to live in the 4th to represent it.) The Colorado Sun reports that the 4th District leans 27 points toward the GOP, while the 3rd District leans just nine points.

Obviously, I would never expect Boebert to just come out and say, “I think all my MAGA bullshit ended up hurting my career, and maybe the voters also hate that I got kicked out of Beetlejuice for being an asshole, but now I’m scared of losing my district to a Democrat so I’m just going to jump to a different district instead, byeeeeeeeeeee” but she could have at least given an explanation that didn’t involve blaming two random celebrities. Maybe the “Don’t make yourself look stupid” can be a resolution for 2025. Or, better yet, maybe Colorado’s 4th won’t elect her and we’ll never have to hear about her again. Fingers crossed.

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