Lena Dunham's Pro-Obama Ad Brought to You by Russia & Satan, Says Minnesota Republican


Lena Dunham’s pro-doin’ it with Obama (voting that is!) ad has made me fall a little bit in love with her and conservatives shoot a little bit of irate steam out of their ears. But no GOP’er freaked out more hilariously than Minnesota Republican party deputy chair Kelly Fenton, who reminded us today that Dunham’s ad was brought to you by our 1978 enemies in Russia. And Satan.

Yes, Satan himself, the Prince of Darkness, the Great Deceiver, Lucifer, the Adversary, Leviathan, the Sultan of Swat, the GREAT BAMBINO* is working hand-in-hand with Russia, Barack Obama, Lena Dunham, and, oh, let’s just say Snidley Whiplash to bring you a fun, cheeky ad encouraging young people to vote.

Fenton has since deleted the Tweet, but not before Buzzfeed’s Rosie Gray grabbed a screen shot.

Minnesota, I love you, but please turn off whatever spigot you’ve left open from the NUTTY CONSPIRACY THEORIST LADY reservoir. Michele Bachmann and Kelly Fenton are terribly entertaining, but they’re also hurting America. Like Russia. Or Satan.

*THE GREAT BAMBINO is actually Babe Ruth’s nickname, not Satan’s.

[Buzzfeed Politics]

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