Let Julia Roberts Flirt!

The A-lister and avowed Swiftie attended the Eras Tour in Dublin on Sunday and took advantage of her moment in the VIP tent to, uhm, scratch Travis Kelce’s chest.

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Let Julia Roberts Flirt!

The only thing constant in this mad, mad, world is that undoubtedly in some corner of it, Taylor Swift is still performing the Eras Tour. When that ends, well, there’s certainly going to be a vibe, if not economic, shift. But for now, the tour continues and, over the weekend, stopped in Dublin, Ireland.  

At all the shows, there’s a little VIP pen for The Squad and famous fans to mingle and enjoy the three-hour performance. It’s where we’ve seen Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Emma Stone, Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise, and the like shake it off. And of course, now that Travis Kelce is in the off-season, he’s supporting Taylor by taking up residence in the booth (at least when he’s not on stage).

Julia Roberts, an avowed Swiftie, attended the Dublin show on Sunday and took advantage of her moment to, uhm, scratch Kelce’s chest. In a TikTok recorded by a fan, the Pretty Woman star has locked Kelce into a conversation and is sort of petting him the way you would a cuddly bear. 

@kelleyfarrelly Hugging julia roberts no less!!☘️🧡💚🤸‍♀️ #taylorswift #eras #erasdublin #traviskelce ♬ original sound – Hannah Brown

Look, can I blame her? I’m not even particularly attracted to Kelce but I imagine a handsome man of his stature sort of turns you into a flirty auntie. If someone with arms that big was within reach, I cannot guarantee I would not pet them. The chest scratching is perhaps a little questionable, but again, the vibe of the VIP tent feels a little “rules out the window.” Dating Taylor Swift sort of makes you the people’s boyfriend. 

Lip-readers have come out of the woodwork (thank GOD) and seem to think Roberts is telling the Chief’s  star, “I’m so happy for you guys.”  Who among us hasn’t said that while petting the person they’re saying that to like a little kitty cat?!

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