Let Sonic the Hedgehog Have Human Teeth

Let Sonic the Hedgehog Have Human Teeth

On Tuesday, the (I guess long-awaited) trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movie dropped. It looked fine, but some people disagreed. Should the entire movie be adjusted simply because the CGI Sonic has what appear to be human teeth, though? The complaints grew so fast and so far that director Jeff Fowler revealed on Friday that changes will be made, to which I can only respond: Why?!

Jim Carrey’s a villain in the movie, Ben Schwartz is the voice of Sonic, and his human teeth make him seem much more like a personable-alien-rodent than real hedgehog teeth would, which are pointy and the stuff of nightmares. I shouldn’t even have to make this next point, but I will: Sonic, in the video game, also has human teeth.

Allow me to remind everyone that when there were complaints about the disgusting-looking Pokémon in the Detective Pikachu trailer, Warner Bros. didn’t do shit. You know why? The public is wrong a lot. Let Sonic live and run in peace with his weird human teeth.

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