Let's Do The Time Warp Again: More '90s Issues Of InFashion


More back issues of In Fashion emerged from the depths of my sister’s closet. These are from fall 1993 and 1994: Simon Le Bon! Tommy Lee! Moby, with hair. Check it out:

This issue, with Simon Le Bon on the cover, is from fall 1993. It was nibbled by a pet rabbit, if you were wondering.

Please, please, please, please: Don’t let these pants come back in style. Please.

Is Moby pinching his nipple?

Nick is a model who doesn’t know how to operate a button.

Raise your hand if you had jeans that were “built for two.”

Extra points if you wore stripes on stripes.

Tommy Lee, doing what he does best: manhandling a chick. Fall 1994.

Confession: I sort of love this Diesel ad, in which the white people are trying their best to be brown and the brown people are trying their best not to bust out laughing.

Little-known fact: Uma Thurman’s brother was a model, briefly.

Gorgeous. Love Patricia. This Venezuelan model went on to be in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns and The L Word.

These boots are made for stompin’.

Doesn’t it seem like the fabric is in all the wrong places?

That there on the left is miss Jamie King, known in the ’90s as “a girl named James.” If you saw My Bloody Valentine 3D a couple of weeks ago, you got a peep at her acting skills.

Trend: Fuzzy = LOL.

What Fleuvogs used to look like.

More chunky, clunky shoes. It was impossible to sneak up on people in the ’90s.

Someone wants you to rent Singles.

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