Let's Laugh at the Roe v. Wade Movie Trailer


The trailer for that batshit anti-abortion film Roe v. Wade is here, and it’s incredible.

The movie, which is not a parody but a wholly serious endeavor co-directed and co-written by entrepreneur Nick Loeb (yes, Sofia Vergara’s ex who continues to dick her around over her frozen embryos), stars a string of Hollywood’s finest conservative D-listers including Jon Voight, Stacey Dash, Joey Lawrence, Steve Guttenberg, Corbin Bernsen, Jamie Kennedy and that kid from The Sandlot. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that guy from that ’90s television show, Roe v. Wade has answers. If that’s not enough to get you to the theater, Tomi Lahren reportedly also appears in this fine film.

It’s filled with drama and includes lines like, “We have been in our second civil war for over 50 years now!” And: “Today my mommy killed me!” Not to mention: “The true silent majority. Who is speaking for these children?”

At some point, a white guy even adapts Martin Niemöller’s quote about the Holocaust: “And then they came for the mentally deficient, but we weren’t deficient, so we did nothing. But now they’re coming after the unborn. So you’re going to do nothing?”

Loeb, who is anti-abortion, has claimed in interviews that the film is “fair and even-balanced.” Perhaps it is, just as in the way Fox News is fair and balanced.

“I dated girls when I was in my 20s, two that had abortions that I really did nothing to stop,” he told the Washington Post in July. “My generation, you were really taught it was a clump of cells… really nothing there when a woman got pregnant, especially until you felt maybe something kick. And as I got older and more educated and more informed, I realized that wasn’t true.”

If you want a dose of Loeb’s truth, please watch this trailer. Prepare to laugh, to cry, to suffer some second-hand embarrassment, and to have your mind blown with the facts.

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