Lifetime's Michael Jackson Biopic Shouldn't Be Happening But Here's the Trailer 


In a world already filled to the brim with the bad, grotesque and unnecessary, I’m not sure why Lifetime felt the need to add more. Yet we now have the trailer for the network’s upcoming Michael Jackson biopic based on the book Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days, written by two of the the pop star’s former bodyguards.

The book and film follow Jackson’s last days as he struggles to be just Mike, “a normal, American dad.” K.

If we’re trying to say nice things, they did an excellent job casting Jackson’s youngest child, Blanket. That kid looks just like him! Michael is played by Navi, the self-proclaimed “world’s #1 Michael Jackson impersonator.” He does look a lot like him—a weird, sort of undead version, but still.

I’m not confident this will be campy enough to satisfy the only itch Lifetime can scratch for me. I’m also very much of the mind that if there are more sordid details to be known about Michael Jackson’s life, I really don’t want to hear them. But, again, here we are. Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland will air on Memorial Day 2017.

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