Like Naked Male Celebs? There's a Website Full of Penis Just for You.


There is a website cataloging male nudity on television! And it’s called Mr. Man! Vindication!


As a companion to Mr. Skin, which has been cataloging female nudity in television and film since 1999, Mr. Man is all about gender equality site leader Jim McBride told the Daily News. Obviously.

“Traditionally movies were written, directed and owned by men, so the nudity was mostly female,” says McBride, the man behind Mr. Skin, which was created eight years before it served as a major plot point in “Knocked Up” (2007).
“Now society has changed and it’s a different era where it’s totally acceptable for guys to do nude scenes.”

If you’re wondering from whence all of this cinematic inguinal crease and full frontal penis came, McBride points to True Blood and Shameless as kick-starters. And as we’ve written here, we’re all for nudity on television especially if every HBO show is like secretly mandated to include a brothel or a strip club in the storyline. But this new-ish trend is a two-edged sword. Instead of actresses alone worrying about what they will look like without clothes, actors are also starving themselves and then beefing up for nude scenes as well.

Welcome to the club, bros.

Here are Mr. Skin’s top nudies, which are rated by four stars and reflect what an actor was willing to do to “get a rise” from their audience:

1) Antonio Banderas
Number of Skin-Baring Films: 14
Most famous scene: Striping and getting in the bubble bath in “Baton Rouge.”
Overall Mr. Man rating: ****
2) Ewan McGregor
Number of Skin-Baring Films: 10
Most famous scene: pulling off a condom in “Trainspotting.”
Overall Mr. Man rating: ****
3) Viggo Mortensen
Number of Skin-Baring Films: 8
Most famous scene: Mortensen is naked in a bathhouse when he is attacked by two Russian mobsters in “Eastern Promises.”
Overall Mr. Man rating: ****
4) Stephen Baldwin
Number of Skin-Baring Films: 7
Most famous scene: Getting frisky (and nude) with Lara Flynn Boyle and Josh Charles in “Threesome.”
Overall Mr. Man rating: **
5) Javier Bardem
Number of Skin-Baring Films: 7
Most famous scene: A naked dip in a stream in “The Dancer Upstairs.”
Overall Mr. Man rating: ****

You can check out the rest at Mr. Man, just volunteer $96 a month and you can see all the peen you want. You’re welcome.

Image via YouTube.

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