Lil Bub Totally Sucks At Comedy


Recently, internet cat sensation Lil Bub made his comedy debut on the hallowed stage of Chicago’s Second City, a legendary comedy theater that has served as proving ground to countless future giants of comedy. I’m sorry to inform but Lil Bub is not among them. Turns out, Lil Bub fucking sucks at improv.

According to The Daily Dot, Bub appeared onstage as part of a 24-hour charity event at The Second City, and when they attempted to incorporate the kitty into an improv routine, things… didn’t go well. Probably because they were trying to incorporate a cat into a comedy routine.

The improvisers coaxed some laughs from the crowd as one of them pretended to be Santa, but Bub was clearly unhappy off of Bridavsky’s lap, and when the improviser set her on the ground, she beelined off-stage. This left the improvisers with the unenviable task of trying to continue an improv set that was supposed to be about a famous cat without said famous cat. It’s a testament to their talent that it was still funny, but you could tell they weren’t overly thrilled with the entire conceit.

Know what cats do when you try to get them to do stuff? The opposite of the thing you want them to do. THE OPPOSITE. I took my cat outside on a leash at my parents’ house one time because she’s a city cat and to my knowledge had never been outside in the country before, and here’s what she did in her first moments on rural grass ever: she laid down. I stood there for 10 minutes waiting for her to do a thing before I just picked her up and took her back in the house.

On the plus side, a cat running offstage would make most improv much more watchable.

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