Lil' Kim's Ex-Boyfriend Is on Trial for Multiple Murders


Lil’ Kim’s ex-boyfriend and childhood friend Damion “World” Hardy is on trial for a number of executions and other crimes, including the murder of Mike Tyson’s former bodyguard.

According to the Daily News, Hardy, a Brooklyn native, allegedly began the Cash Money Brothers gang based in the Lafayette Gardens housing complex in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood. The group imported and trafficked drugs from their base until 2003, when federal agents found eight kilograms of cocaine from Grenada at New York’s JFK airport which they connected to the Cash Money Brothers, reports the New York Times. In the course of their business, rival gang members and enemies were allegedly killed by Hardy and his gang.

The accused’s current trial stems from the aforementioned bust and an indictment in 2005 which sprung from an 18-month joint investigation by the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn, United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Police Department and the F.B.I.

Hardy was once reportedly engaged to Lil’ Kim, who dated both Hardy and his older brother (who was eventually killed). Hardy discussed their relationship during a vintage Wendy Williams radio interview. In the chat, Wendy asks him directly how he “makes his money” and if he’s a “block hugger” with such boldness that even Hardy has to laugh. Also: Kim is an Eastern star?

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