Lindsay Lohan Runs Naked, Paints Her Nails At Friend's Fancy Wedding


Today in “Oh, Lindsay…”: the 29-year-old actress attended a wealthy friend’s Florence wedding where she proceeded to do everything one should not do at a formal affair. Antics ranged from excessive wardrobe changes to unabashed public nudity.

According to the New York Daily News, Lohan claimed she was drugged, though she was reported to be ok by the EMT who checked on her.

Nonetheless, her behavior was exceedingly bizarre. Daily News offers details of the evening:

“During cocktail hour she took her shoes off, despite it being ‘a very high profile event,’ and become paranoid while accusing people of snapping her photo as she pretended to DJ on her iPhone, a source said.”

Sources also claimed to see Lohan painting her nails during the actual wedding ceremony.

But it was at the reception that her behavior escalated from uncomfortable to absolutely bonkers. From Us Weekly:

“Things took a turn for the worse when an announcer cracked a joke about Lohan during the reception…Lohan then rushed out and claimed she had been drugged. ‘She took off all her clothes and got completely naked and was running around her villa screaming that she’d been drugged.’

Lohan seems to have anticipated a brutal public response once media outlets released their reports. Just prior to the publication of these articles, she posted the following to her Instagram account:

And that’s fine, Lindsay! Do you. But don’t, maybe, cause a scene at a friend’s wedding ceremony. I’m sure said friend had already hired a DJ, anyway.

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Top Image via Getty. Embedded Image via Instagram.

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