Lindsay Lohan's Unprofessionalism Plays Out On Reality TV


On last night’s episode of Bravo’s show about celeb snappers, Double Exposure, photographers were booked to shoot the campaign for Lindsay Lohan’s leggings line 6126. The actress was eight hours late for her call-time, which she angrily refuted on Twitter.

By the end of the episode, the photographers, along with a team of stylists, hair and makeup artists, assistants and handlers were stuck waiting around for Lindsay for over eight hours – she was a no show. On her Twitter account, Lindsay denied that she was late, and insisted that it was a conspiracy on the part of the show’s producers:

this couldn’t be more UNTRUE- Sucks when “friends” use you(in this case for ratings) even if they’re lying #karma
As for BRAVO and their false representation of me on their new show; I was given the wrong call time-now I know on purpose…it was a set-up
Unfortunate that I considered jorge on the show a friend to trust…oh- and I’ve never come close to anything other than posing in a photo..
I don’t appreciate being used for press, and I’m sure others would agree! Love to everyone
Photo shoot for Indrani and Markus… So that’s bullshit too…. Thank goodness for #twitter !!!!! The truth can be stated!!!!

However, Lindsay’s partners at 6126 showed up early for the shoot to discuss its creative direction. They raved about how she’s “such an amazing and talented designer,” and then continually apologized for her lateness. They also communicated with her throughout the day, as she told them that she was “en route” for several hours. If this was a set up, why would her business partners be complicit in it?

It’s too bad that Lindsay wasn’t on time, and didn’t participate in the creative meeting, because seeing as how her line of leggings was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and “classic glamor,” the end result conveyed something very different.

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