Lingerie Football League Knows You Really Just Want To Tackle A Player


The Lingerie Football League is just full of good ideas. First it started a youth division, then it tried to recruit Paris Jackson as a spokeskid, and now it’s offering one lucky fan a chance to tackle a player.

With Leather has the details of Lingerie Bowl IX’s upcoming sweepstakes. The winner will get:

Roundtrip airfare for 2 to Las Vegas, NV
2 night hotel accommodations at the Palms Casino & Resort
2 Tickets to Lingerie Bowl IX
Chance to tackle an LFL Player during halftime
VIP Experience: Private meet & greets, no-wait VIP access to Lingerie Bowl Weekend parties in Vegas, autographed merchandise
$250 Gift card

With Leather’s Brandon writes,

Has there even been a more rapey sweepstakes prize? Do people watch Lingerie Football in the hopes that they might one day hurt their favorite player? I guess that makes sense. “Oh man, she’s wearing garters, and I get to sprint into her stomach with my shoulder and lie on top of her for a few seconds before security drags me away and shuffles me off to the Bellagio with a f**king VISA gift card.”

Indeed. In addition to the very real safety concerns here — a player might well get tackled by a male fan who significantly outweighs her — there’s something pretty disturbing about offering up one of your players for a bodyslam with possible groping. Perhaps the league will claim the contest is just about giving fans a chance to go head to head with their favorite player, but given the LFL’s hypersexualized image, that explanation seems like a stretch. I wonder if the league’s players — some of whom aren’t too happy with the owner right now — approved this little “prize.”

Lingerie Football’s Top Prize: Hitting A Woman [With Leather]

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