Lisa Rinna Is Returning to Soaps With Days Of Our Lives… Spinoff?

Lisa Rinna, famed Real Housewives villain, will reprise her role as Billie Reed for NBC's Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem

Lisa Rinna Is Returning to Soaps With Days Of Our Lives… Spinoff?
Image:Emma McIntyre (Getty Images)

We live in a day and age when soap operas are rebooted and spun-off as action-adventure romps on streaming services featuring two-bit reality television stars—like Days of Our Lives! God, doesn’t everyone just love the age of content?

Variety reports that infamous Real Housewives of Beverly Hills villain Lisa Rinna will temporarily pack up her lip kit and adult diaper empire to reprise her role as Billie Reed on the eternally running soap opera Days of Our Lives. In its new Peacock spin-off, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Rinna will join other cast members on a globe-trotting murder mystery slash jewel heist slash adventure saga, which is described by Variety as follows:

The episodes will take place over a long weekend during which a number of key characters leave their Salem hometown for adventures. […] However, these other parts of the world don’t prove to be any more relaxing than Salem itself, as all of these players become embroiled in a mystery that involves stolen jewels. In the wrong hands, these jewels could cause “dire consequences” for Salem, the network notes. Therefore, it becomes a race against time in search of these missing treasures and who better to find them than ISA agent Billie?

A press release from NBC’s streamer Peacock states it will span five original episodes and feature stars like Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall, Robert Scott Wilson, Victoria Konefal, Billy Flynn, Jackée Harry, Sal Stowers, and Lamon Archey. Also of note: Rinna previously reprised her 1992 role in 2002, 2012, and 2018.

It’s also crossed my mind that I should probably call my grandmother, who I haven’t spoken to recently. Although she’s always preferred As the World Turns and The Bold and the Beautiful, she is a fan of Rinna, perplexingly, and will be happy to hear that I can deliver her a burned CD with these five episodes, as I’m not sure her Nook has a Peacock app, yet she still knows how to use the DVD player. It will give us something to talk about, besides the fact that they still haven’t killed off Viktor, or the fact that a few years ago, Kristen tried to have Brady and Melanie executed, which she still thinks was a bridge too far for a woman who cut another woman open and implanted her fetus into her own womb.

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