Little Dog Causes Big Drama In Condo Association


A Chicago dog owner whose dog has been designated a “service animal” has sued her condo association- not for preventing her from owning the pooch in spite of the building’s “no dogs” policy, but for requiring the woman to transport the dog through common areas in a carrier.

The dog, adorably named Boo, weighs all of 10 lbs and helps his owner reduce the number of panic attacks she’s suffered. His owner insists that if she’s required to transport Boo in a carrier, his therapeutic properties disappear.

Neighbors, unsurprisingly, aren’t sympathetic. Reports Chicago Breaking News,

But Joseph Armenio, property manager for Hollywood Towers Condominium, contends that the condo must consider other residents, who may be allergic or fearful of dogs.
“It’s a matter of perception of what’s unfair,” Armenio said during an interview outside the two-tower complex. “She’s not blind.”

I’m sure the public reaction to this whole rigamaroll, besides a collective eye roll, is speculation that this woman is a royal pain in the ass of a neighbor, that she’s nutty and goofy and maybe sometimes wears fur coats over her pajamas and then goes to the movies and owns many fabulous feathered hats. Au contraire. I think that living near her would be buckets of unpredictable madcap fun, like an episode of Jersey Shore guest starring The Muppets. She can’t be any worse a neighbor than my upstairs neighbors who one time got all gakked up and turned on their bathtub at 3 am and then forgot about it and went to bed, only to have it overflow and ruin my bathroom ceiling, and my then-roommate ended up knocking on their doors but couldn’t wake them up, and so he ran into the street and flagged down a police car to tell them that the upstairs neighbors had left their bathtub on and we require police assistance to cease this immediately (it didn’t help that he was really, really, really stoned at the time and had been playing Madden 2008 for about 4 hours by then). The police went upstairs and banged on their doors and my pantsless and totally chemically altered neighbor answered the door, completely unaware that reality was happening all around him and it took the police about 5 minutes to remind him that bathtubs were A Thing and that he needed to shut his off and the next week, the Ukranian repairman stood in my bathroom and squinted up at the blistered ceiling, scowling, while my cat flirted shamelessly with him.

Yeah, I’d much rather live near the lady who needs a dog to prevent her panic attacks.

Woman Sues Over Use Of Psychiatric Service Dog
[Chicago Breaking News]

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