Little Girl Calls 911 After Touching Her 'Elf on a Shelf'


After accidentally touching her Elf on a Shelf doll at her family’s home, a seven-year-old girl in New Jersey did exactly what she thought she should do when faced with an emergency. She called 911.

In the 2004 book, The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition, the elf loses its magic if it is moved from its location or is touched. Little Isabella LaPeruta dialed 911 after she accidentally knocked over her elf when she was tossing around a ball, NBC New York reports. The girl then panicked and told the dispatcher not to come to her house. She explained that she was trying to call her dad and it was an accident.

Poor Isabella. Why is a creepy snitch elf that is meant to watch everything a kid does to send a “report back to Santa” such a popular thing? The cops still came to the house to check on Isabella and found her freaking out. “She was hysterical crying, she was panicking,” said her mother, Lynanne, who was napping during the whole ordeal.

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Screenshot via NBC News.

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