Little Girl Watching Her Own Birth Feels All the Emotions


I am so glad I was born before recording a child’s birth was the norm (although my mother happily tells me I had to be forcibly evicted from the womb) because I don’t know if I would be able to stand the emotional roller coaster of watching myself come into existence. The little girl in this video, however, seems to do just fine with the wild ride she’s being taken on.

How soon do you think something like this will become the norm? In the future, instead of watching kids react to eating sour candy, we’ll be watching them react to how they were born and what they looked like several seconds after being thrust out into the world. I’m betting it’s probably going to be just as emotional as this video, although other children may not emote as hard as this little girl. She laughs, she frowns, she chews on her lip in anticipation. Get into some acting classes, kid! You’re a natural!

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