Little Miss Perfect: "Everybody Has A Little Bit Of Michael Jackson In Them"


Jayne is a 6-year-old who is a total weirdo in that she competes in beauty pageants because she wants to. And despite all the heavy makeup, she’s still just a goofy kid who says a lot of delightfully wacky things.

Jayne mostly makes all of her own choices when it comes to her pageant routines. When brainstorming with her mother over her Wow Wear routine, Jayne suggests the concepts of “bee,” “bird,” and “waffle.” Finally, she decides on “Michael Flower Jackson Moonwalk,” which gets edited down to simply “Michael Jackson,” because as Jayne says, “Everybody has a little bit of Michael Jackson in them.”

She kind of has a gift for inane descriptions: “I feel like a banana split on a cupcake.”

At the pageant, Jayne got a stomachache before going on stage, which I’d interpreted as scaredy farts (been there!). However, she pulled off her interview portion like a pro.

But then Jayne ended up puking, so she was actually a lot sicker than everyone thought. Still she got up and did her Michael Jackson Wow Wear routine, which the judges loved. (Also, what is up with the hooker boots on the backup dancers?) Sadly, Jayne was too ill to continue competing and had to withdraw from the contest.

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