Lizzy Caplan States Obvious Fact: 'Jon Hamm Is Not Better Than Me'


Lizzy Caplan and Jon Hamm both made appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to promote Masters of Sex and Minions, respectively.

“I understand that he’s the first guest and I’m the second guest and that implies that he’s, like, ‘better’ than me, and more famous,” Caplan said of Hamm, moments after spitting a half-chewed gummy bear into Jimmy Kimmel’s hand, “but he’s not better than me.”

Of course not. But she allowed him to join her on the couch anyway, and the pair talked about how they met 10 years back, on a pilot for the WB (the “World’s Best,” Hamm quipped). “I didn’t really get to spend more time with Jon, though, because one of us got fired after the pilot,” explained Caplan. “Spoiler alert: it wasn’t Lizzy,” said Hamm.

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