London's Epic Winter Makes For Interesting Celebrity Street Style


As you’re probably aware, the UK’s in the grip of an unusual spate of wintry weather. Their cold feet is our opportunity to watch stars rock some serious winter fashion.

Once I saw Stacey London in a clothing store with a friend, and I overheard her saying, “Remember: red is a neutral!” As Fearne Cotton shows, it can also be a crisp accent. Love this.

In next day’s look, the juxtaposition of glam coat and Chucks is cute and playful…and there goes that awesome bag again!

Exactly the kind of sleek apres-ski jet-set look we’d expect from a wintry Liz Hurley.

As Abbey Clancy shows, the cold took some people by surprise. Hey, it’s not easy.

Hugh Grant, kind of doing the dad rock…but hey, he looks warm. And the man’s probably going to the mailbox.

Kylie Minogue attempt to bring some glam to winter dress: the result is both insufficient (that jacket is apparently made for a doll) and vaguely Xanadu.

Frankly, I prefer these off-the-clock basics!

What, you thought Cher just threw on a puffer and called it a day?

[Images via Getty]

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