Lonely People Can Dine Free at This Michigan Restaurant on Thanksgiving


Every year you tell yourself, “I’m not spending Thanksgiving alone…” And then, lo and behold, no one invites you to their big dumb feast, your family lives out of state, and your vegan cousin who lives in town texts you that, uh, sorry there won’t be enough Stuffed Tofurky to go around but maybe you can come next year? So you’re forced to load up on carbs and eat a turkey bacon sandwich at home with your cat Jeeves, who munches on Purina’s Chicken and Turkey cat food. Whatever the excuse, somehow you’re always lonely on Thanksgiving. Not this year!

Thank goodness my family lives in New York.

But if you’re one of these lonely people who texts all your friends every year, like “So…,” and you happen to live in Northville, Michigan, then maybe stop by George’s Senate Coney Island, which is advertising free Thanksgiving meals for homeless people, and for those without love in their life, on the best holiday of the year.

The owner, identified only as George, says, “It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit.”

Yeah, remember the year you woke up in your studio apartment and got a text from your mom in Vermont that read “Hppy Thxgiving! Turkey looks good!” with a photo of a really good-looking turkey and half of her face in the shot? That doesn’t have to happen. But only if you live in Michigan.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Images via MGM, Imgur

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