Long-Awaited Wonder Woman Flick Hits Theaters DVD

According to Entertainment Weekly, Wonder Woman has always been the third most-important DC Comics superhero, behind Superman and Batman. And today, the Wonder Woman movie has arrived. Of course, it’s an animated, straight to DVD flick.

Luckily, the early buzz is good: EW‘s Ken Tucker calls it “a satisfying version of the Wonder Woman origin-story that ought to please both hardcore fans and newbies.” He claims the flick is not about WW being a “Barbie-doll fanboy-fantasy” but a “shrewd warrior.”

WW is voiced by Keri Russell, who watched the Lynda Carter version on TV when she was a kid. She tells the L.A. Times that she had “a certain feeling of responsibility” about playing the iconic superhero:

“She was the strong female among all these male heroes and for little girls she was an important symbol, so I do take it seriously.” Although she finds the Amazon’s getup questionable: “It’s a bikini, and she’s jumping around and fighting? I’m glad it was a cartoon.”

The L.A. Times notes that even though this flick is animated, it is not for kids: there are “saucy” scenes and violent beheadings. That said, there’s still a sadness in Wonder Woman being animated and going straight to DVD, when Batman, Spider-Man, Superman and the Hulk get huge summer releases with big-budget, non-animated movies and fast-food toys.

The question now is what to do? Do we sulk because Hollywood won’t back a female superhero flick? Do we support this animated Wonder Woman, with hopes that loads of interest will prompt producers to revisit the project? Or do we ignore the film in protest of a strong woman being shoved in an animated, straight-to-DVD ghetto?

‘Wonder Woman,’ A New DVD: Snap Judgment [EW]
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