Looking for Love Online in 2013? So Is Everyone and Their Mom (And Your Mom)


Are you looking to partner up in 2013? I’m going to assume you said yes — for the purposes of this piece and because I like making an ass out of you and me — and you’re not alone. Dating websites like OKCupid, How About We, and Match.com all say that January is a huge month for them, with Match.com seeing an increase of 55 percent in memberships on January 2nd alone. Damn!

Why do you think this is? Is it because people just spent a lot of time alone with their family and are like DEAR GOD I NEED SOMEONE TO BUFFER THE PAIN NEXT YEAR? Or is it because everyone breaks up over the holidays and there’s a need to get back out there first thing? There has to be a semi-scientific reason for the boning season, right?

I met my boyfriend online, but it was in April. I posted a painfully honest ad — I’m fat redhead, I have a pit bull who I will always love more than anything, I’m vegan, my friends are great and so I will expect you to leave your friends behind for them, I need constant affirmation and presents, I prefer to wear maternity clothes, etc. — and I actually found a rad dude who was into my specific brand of nuts. We’ve been dating 4 1/2 years now and I have to say, it’s a better match than any I’d made when I met people at school, work, etc. Point is, online dating. I’m about it. But also, meet in a well-lit, populated place and be smart about things — if your prospective date is wearing a skin suit or has a Blackberry, just keep walking. You know, all the shit that applies to meeting people in other ways.

Good luck out there, little daters! May you find your Romeo! Or your Juliet! Or your combo Romeo and Juliet who’s looking for a GTG third. Whatever floats your intimacy boat, may you explore it in the wild waters of the online dating pool.

Image via arka38 / Shutterstock.

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