Looks Like Matt Lauer Won't Be Getting That $30 Million Payout  

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Daytime ghoul Matt Lauer will not be receiving the remaining $20 million of his $30 million year-long contract with NBC because his contract likely had a “morals clause,” reports Page Six.

They report that NBC News president Noah Oppenheim “told staff that Lauer would not be paid a penny more because he was terminated ‘for cause’ — or, more explicitly, his own sexual bad behavior.”

The internet is building a career-spanning portfolio of clips of female co-anchors and camera crews waving red flags, (see this, this, this), but it’s morning primetime, so NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM.

Now Page Six reports that he and his wife Annette Roque have been living separately for years. Yesterday it was rumored that she’d escaped to Holland, but now reported that she’s “hiding from the press in the Hamptons.”

And he was once considered a “playboy”?

It’s a far cry from the couple’s high-profile start, when the two were toasted by a glittering power crowd at a 1998 wedding that, People magazine claimed, “put a serious dent in the fantasy lives of multitudes of early-rising American women.”
She was a Victoria’s Secret and J. Crew model with an exotic background — part-Indonesian, part-Dutch. He was the highly eligible, nationally famous newsman whose romantic exploits had been tabloid fodder ever since his last marriage ended in divorce in 1988. But even though he was a playboy, he was a prude, colleagues said.

Cardi B made the best tweet.

The royal babies will be making a celebrity appearance at the wedding between Prince Harry and transatlantic clothing/accessory marketing floatilla Meghan Markle (of the “Markle effect”) whom they will follow up the aisle.

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