Looks Like The Chainsmokers Are in Trouble!

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Looks Like The Chainsmokers Are in Trouble!
Screenshot:Twitter/Andrew Cuomo

The Chainsmokers, a very bad band that for some reason I, a person with bad taste, like a lot, are in hot water after playing a very non-socially distanced show in the Hamptons over the weekend. Not only did they get a scolding from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, it appears they might be in trouble with The Law. Sorry, dudes, the Takeaway here is that that’s what you get for getting everyone Closer! I Hope you learned your lesson and Don’t Let Me Down in the future! (Yes, I know, I’m logging off now forever.)

The New York Post reports that the Southampton concert, which included an opening performance by Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, aka DJ Sol (make note of this) is currently under investigation by the state health department. If found in violation of state local distancing rules—which, based on the photos, seems like a likely outcome—the band and concert organizations could be subject to “civil fines and potential criminal liability,” according to Cuomo.

“The concert that happened in the town of Southampton was just a gross violation of not only the public health rules, it was a gross violation of common sense,” Cuomo said on Tuesday.

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman, whose band (lol) also opened for The Chainsmokers, claims the videos showing hordes of attendees clumping and dancing together did not accurately convey how much distancing was going on during the rest of the concert, which, OK, sure.

Schneiderman told The Post Tuesday that the town permit for the event did not allow concertgoers to cluster together — but said “we will hold the organizers accountable for that.”
“I reviewed some of the aerial videos and pictures, and for the bulk of the event it looks like they followed the guidelines and at the very end of the event they deviated and that’s unfortunate,” he said.

Sure. Suuuuure. Sure. [New York Post]

Martha Stewart and Antoni Porowski were in a FIGHT (on Instagram) and now they are NOT.

Last winter, Antoni posted a bunch of photos of himself at Stewart’s house without tagging her, which, very rude!!! Martha called him out (of course), but it seems they’ve buried the fake hatchet. According to People, Stewart and Porowski address the “feud” new HGTV show, Martha Knows Best.

In the clip, Stewart is seen standing by her outdoor garden with her head gardener Ryan McCallister at her estate in Bedford, New York, when Porowski calls in with a question about growing vegetables on his New York City balcony.
While on the phone, the 36-year-old says he “would like to take the opportunity to apologize and explain” what happened when he shared photos from a Christmas get together hosted by Stewart and failed to tag his hostess.

It seems everything’s just fine now:

“I was even more offended because you didn’t send me a thank you note. That’s the worst thing that you did,” she explains.
“She’s been talking about it every day,” McCallister teases.
“Martha, I will do better,” Porowski promises.

Do NOT forget to write a thank you note, as my mom and Martha Stewart always say. [People]

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