Los Angeles Wants to Ban Fur Sales and Manufacturing


Los Angeles wants to be fur-free, in sales and manufacturing, by 2020.

The LA City Council voted on Tuesday in favor of a motion to ban the sale of fur products, Dazed Magazine reports. The Los Angeles Times reports that the council voted unanimously for the city attorney to draft a new ordinance, which will be presented in the future for final approval.

Fur banning is en vogue these days, as Los Angeles follows cities like San Francisco and Berkeley, who previously banned fur sales and manufacturing. West Hollywood also instituted a similar ban in 2013 and London Fashion Week recently announced they were banning fur from the shows. Specific brands as well, including Armani, Burberry, and Gucci, have pledged to go fur-free in recent years.

So why now, after years of protests from animal activists? Frankly the decision for industries and brands to go fur-free might have less to do with their interests in animal rights and more to do with continuing to make a profit. The fashion industry has caught onto the fact that younger consumers care deeply about animal welfare and sustainability. “This is a generational issue. These are companies that wouldn’t even meet with us a decade ago,” Dan Mathews, senior vice president at PETA, told the Wall Street Journal in a July article about fur and leather manufacturing declining in luxury fashion. “They realize consumers have an emotional attachment to brands based on how a company acts.”

Besides, with global warming, who needs a fur coat? It will be too hot anyway! Hahahahahah ha…ha. 🙁

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