Lovely Uma Thurman to Play Noted Hate-Monger Anita Bryant in Biopic


Uma Thurman is onboard to play Anita Bryant in a biopic of the very troubled and very hateful woman. I love you, Uma, but I’m gonna have to throw oranges at the screen — you know that, right?

According to Hollywood Reporter:

The film follows Bryant, a former celebrity singer and orange juice spokeswoman, who, when she allows a gay screenwriter into her home, is forced to confront her past as an anti-gay Christian crusader who successfully campaigned to overturn a gay rights law in Florida and destroyed her show biz career in the process.

With a screenplay from Chad Hodge, Anita will be directed by celebrity bio dream team Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. Interestingly, while doing research for the movie in 2011, Hodge met with Bryant. He says he’s the first gay person Bryant has met with in 31 years. (THAT SHE KNOWS OF.)

Remarking on his encounter Hodge says, “We talked about everything… Religion, homosexuality, her life and every detail of her life. I mean, everything! She really opened up to me. It started very standoffish… but then it slowly took a turn and she opened up and cried to me… Turns out she wants a gay best friend just like everyone else.”

Anita Bryant: SHE’S JUST LIKE US. (Well, with extra hatefulness and a lifetime supply of orange juice.)

[Hollywood Reporter]

Photo via AP

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