Loving Husband Draws 365 Dicks for His Adored Wife


Anyone who has been to a Jesus-based church wedding knows that the Bible says love is patient, love is kind, love lasts forever. Etc etc etc. But here’s another love is that you won’t hear uttered from behind a pulpit: Love is 365 artfully rendered dicks on a whiteboard.

One anonymous internet user who YouTubes under the descriptive name 365Penises undertook a novel challenge a year ago; after his wife purchased a whiteboard for their household, Mr. Penises told her that he’d draw her one cartoon dick on it for every day of the year, and draw he did. In addition to the requisite standard penis spirals and squares and dick piles and burgers filled with dicks, he drew a Hitler dick, a Dick Hindenburg, a Dick American Gothic, Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks (or should I say Night Cocks? Probably not, but I did) and a Dick Washington Monument. All of the schlongs are compiled for your viewing pleasure in this 5+ minute music video.

Is the challenge real? Are the dicks real? Does it matter? It’s beautiful.

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