M.I.A. Loses Her Shit on Twitter Over Son's Custody Battle

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Queen of Controversy M.I.A. is currently embroiled in a vicious custody battle over her 4-year-old son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, with her estranged ex-fiancé Benjamin Bronfman, the environmentalist son of Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr. (and part of the younger generation of almost-too-cool dilettante-ish Bronfmans). The two broke off their engagement in February of last year, and now the Bronfmans are looking for full custody of Ikhyd. It’s all so Gossip Girl.

Going up against a powerful family like that certainly sounds daunting; unfortunately, nobody told the Sri Lankan singer that taking to Twitter wouldn’t exactly helping her case. In a series of since-deleted Tweets, she addressed her ex by name:

“BEN you cant take my son away from me… Just because you have money doesnt mean you have the right…(sic) THE BRONFMANS WANT TO TAKE MY CHILD AWAY FROM ME. WHAT KIND OF S- IS THAT? THEY NEVER SEE HIM.”

And on her father’s abandonment of her when she was ten:

“Every child needs the MOTHER , I GREW UP WITHOUT A DAD . If grew up without my mother i wouldnt be here.”

[San Francisco Gate, Radar Online]

Prepare for the biggest life change before menopause, you guys: Demi Lovato got a haircut. I KNOW. And here’s Demi on the reason for her ever-changing hair: “That was just like, ‘What can I do next? I’m bored.” So am I, Demi. So am I. [Us Weekly]

Ahh, the scent of fresh bullshit wafting through the morning air. Kristen Stewart’s become good friends with Katy Perry’s assistant Tamra Natisin, who incidentally supports gay rights and has attended pride events. Therefore, by National Enquirer logic, they’re banging. No, I mean, that’s it. That’s all of the proof they have, aside from editorializing (K-Stew “raised eyebrows by lavishing attention on Tamra” at a bar in Hollywood earlier this month.) [Gossip Cop]

Although for a second there it was rumored that Ed Sheeran was Taylor Swift’s lobster, the Gingerbrit has sheepishly informed the press to the contrary.

“My mates believed it. And my mates are texting me being like, ‘Is it true?’ so I said it wasn’t but the fact that people can believe it makes me feel like a bit of a stud, you know? ‘I’ve got to be honest because one of my best friends did date her. I’m not that kind of guy. But the fact that people believed it impressed me a little bit… I did go to her hotel, I did stay there until four and I did leave in the same clothes – but I was playing her my new record. It was strictly that kind of thing. Literally, I went in there and we passed the guitar back and forth and played songs to each other.”

[HuffPo UK]

Zach Braff bears kind of a significant resemblance to Anne Hathaway’s con-man ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri. “Once, Anne’s dad saw me at a premiere and gave me this look for a second like he was going to tackle me because I guess he wasn’t the best ex-boyfriend.”

Nope! He was a thief. That kind of shit only works out in Ocean’s Eleven. [Digital Spy]

  • Charlie Sheen wants you to send dog shit to his daughter’s old school because she was bullied. [Star Magazine]
  • Someone who stalked Ivanka Trump got arrested in Florida. [TMZ]
  • Jude Law is sick of his “playboy” rep overshadowing his acting. [TV3.ie]
  • Daniel Craig yelled at a guy who tried to take pictures of him and Rachel Weisz at the grocery store. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Kate Middleton’s doing Yoga for The Pregnant. [Hollywood Life]
  • Howard Stern is hella offended that anyone would suggest he could take Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night post. [Gossip Cop]
  • A “fruit juice tycoon” asked Adele to sing at his wedding and she was like, “That’ll be £100,000 per minute. Fank you.” [Entertainmentwise]
  • Robin Roberts will be honored by Diane von Furstenberg at the fourth annual DVF awards. [People]
  • The terminally impatient Jillian Michaels is having her mettle tested by her children. [Us Weekly]
  • Kim Kardashian eats food. She does not just munch on nuts and bolts and press releases as I previously thought. [Us Weekly]
  • Michael Bublé and his wife are expecting a baby boy. [Page Six]
  • Steven Tyler hit on some Victoria’s Secret Angels. [Page Six]
  • Okay, James Franco is definitely dating Ashley Benson. [Page Six]
  • Dina Lohan got shitfaced at a charity auction. “When someone would receive an award, Dina would start clapping and stand up, the only one in the room standing. This prompted the auction leader to call out to her, ‘Ma’am, I have to remind you, when I see your hands above your eyebrows it means that you are bidding.'” [NYDN]
  • Justin Bieber’s hamster Pac, who he later gave to a fan, has passed away. Bagpipe dirge. ;_; [NYDN]
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