M.I.A.'s 'DoubleBubbleTrouble' Video Might Give You a Headache


M.I.A. released her latest video from Matangi entitled “DoubleBubbleTrouble.” If you have epilepsy or problems with crazy fast editing, then this video probably is not for you.

The outspoken singer directed the clip herself, but not without spending some time railing against her label for withholding the video’s debut for few days.

Near the end of “DoubleBubbleTrouble,” M.I.A. flips us off the camera. I can’t tell if that’s a defiant nod to the infamous SuperBowl middle finger lawsuit debacle or just because she thought it was cool, but either way, Maya delivers her own brand of hipster music in this dizzying clip. Someone get me a peace sign-shaped drone camera STAT.

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