Madonna Officially Releases Six Songs Off Leaked Album


Well, Madonna has quickly come to terms with the recent album leak, which she initially deemed “artistic rape” and a “form of terrorism,” and has released six new tracks from her album because she’s what the hell, it’s the holidays!

All in all, we’ve got some pretty standard Madonna pop songs and Diplo’s presence is strong here (aka lots of warbly electronic sax upon dropping the beat). “Living for Love” (above) reminds me of the Mary J/Disclosure collab “F For You,” though it could be argued that Disclosure itself is very inspired by Erotica-era early 90s electronic music anyway.

She also does that talk-rap thing for “Illuminati” in which she name drops every possible conspiracy theory-related name, from Beyoncé to the “founding fathers” to the “Google of United States” (???) to Bieber. It’s goofy, but hey, at least Nicki Minaj is on there.

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