Madonna’s Having a Great Time!

The pop icon's tour for Madame X seems to be going just fine

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Madonna’s Having a Great Time!
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Surely you were aware that Madonna has unleashed new artistic life into this world, in the form of Madame X, a documentary that’s streaming on Miss Paramount+. To promote her documentary, Madonna appeared on the Jimmy Fallon television program and had a wide-ranging conversation with the host about art, life, and being a provocateur.

“You always do stuff that no one else is doing,” Fallon says. “You zig when other people zag.” An astute observation from one of late night’s most incisive hosts! According to Madonna (and James Baldwin, who she is loosely quoting), “Artists are here to disturb the peace. And so, I hope that I have disturbed not only your peace this afternoon but people’s peace while they watch the show, but I mean that in the best way.”

Shortly after this statement, Madonna slid across Fallon’s desk while he screamed in faux-horror and attempted to cover her body with his suit jacket. “Ma-DONN-a!!” he cries, as the Material Girl drapes her bod over his workstation, using the same tone one might for a pet about to do something very messy and bad. Always undeterred by traditional notions of propriety, Madonna spread herself upon the table as the audience cheered.

Though the majority of this interview is tame, the moment highlighted above that’s making the rounds isn’t quite salacious—it’s Madonna, bitch. She is going to do whatever this is until the end of time. [Page Six]

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