Makeup-Hoarding Lady Says Part Of The Problem Is "Being A Girl"


We all have lipstick we never wear, eyeshadow that’s barely been used and mascara that’s way past its expiration date. But Jennifer Bourgoyne has more than the average woman. She’s a “makeup hoarder.”

Admittedly, I’ve got two drawers filled to the brim despite my pretty simple daily beauty regimen (I refuse to throw away that bright blue eyeshadow just in case I happen to be invited to an 80s-themed party. What?!) But my stuff pales in comparison to piles of products featured today on Good Morning America. A fashion designer by trade, Bourgoyne has 30-plus years of makeup crammed into her drawers. At first she tries to be lighthearted, saying part of buying makeup is “being a girl — you get to have fun.” But later, she admits that her obsession with cosmetics stems from feeling like an “ugly duckling” in comparison to her gorgeous mother. Bourgoyne claims buying makeup makes her feel better. GMA brought in an expert, who cleaned out those drawers and implemented a “something in/something out” rule. (Seems like a psychologist might have helped as well, but whatever.) Even if you’re not a hoarder, you can learn a little something from this segment: Powder-based products should only be kept for two years, cream-based products for one year, and mascara and eyeliners should be recycled every 3-6 months. Now you know.

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