Male Strippers Not That Impressed By Magic Mike XXL, Offer Critique


Channing Tatum may have conquered hearts and minds all over the world with his performance in Magic Mike XXL, but real male strippers, the kind that bump and grind for the ladieez every day and night don’t think the film quite covered the world of actual adult male entertainment.

The Daily Share has put together this video of all-American male strippers (and at least one former stripper/current strip club owner) watching Mike’s dance moves and letting the universe know that while Tatum’s moves are good—maybe—he’d need to get a hotter body before being hired for the job and learn how to strut around naked like a man and not a teenage boy out on the floor for the first time. Way harsh, Tai! Channing’s just doing the best he can.

Everyone’s impressed with the XXL title, though. There’s no better way to advertise one’s talents than to announce to the world that you’re “packing.” Perhaps Magic Mike might be a success after all. I just don’t know what’s going on with GQ (yes, that’s a stripper’s name) here. First he says that his moves are so much better than Tatum’s and then he tells People that the movie’s an A+. Male strippers are so fickle!

The one thing the movie got really, really wrong? People reports that it’s the lifestyle:

The strippers say they lead healthy lifestyles, spending their time at the gym, not at parties. And they all maintained they wouldn’t give up their stripping profession for something or someone else. They applauded Donald Glover’s character, Andre, who says he would continue to dance even if his music career took off.

Uh, no he wouldn’t! That’s just something people say if their music career hasn’t yet taken off! Celebrities playing strippers: they’re just like us!

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