Mama June's Molester Boyfriend Is Likely Pumpkin's Father


The story of Mama June’s relationship with a child molester just keeps getting stranger and stranger and twistier and twistier and more awful by the day. In the latest installment of “Horrifying News About The Once-Beloved Family,” Anna Cardwell has revealed that her molester may be Pumpkin’s dad.

According to Radar Online, this revelation may explain why Pumpkin and Anna are at odds right now and why Pumpkin has defended her mother’s in light of the accusations against June’s former/possibly current boyfriend Mark McDaniel. According to Cardwell, June has no idea who Pumpkin’s father is and is telling Pumpkin that McDaniel’s it. And, according to Cardwell, this has caused a great deal of tension in the family. Especially because McDaniel may have reached out to June after his release so he could visit Pumpkin. Cardwell, however, doesn’t think any of it is right.

“You know, out of all the kids we have, Mama does not know who Pumpkin’s dad is,” says Cardwell. “And Pumpkin thinks it’s Mark, which kind of hurts my feelings, because Mama is making her believe that someone who did that to me is her father.”

Despite the tension, Cardwell and June are apparently working on their relationship. Though she now lives in Alabama, Cardwell speaks to June on the telephone and they’re figuring it all out. Pumpkin, on the other hand, now hates Cardwell, a fact that Cardwell isn’t too concerned about.

I don’t really care,” insists Cardwell. “Me and Pumpkin have never been that close… Now with her cussing me out, [saying], ‘Screw you! F***k you!’ I’m just done with it.”

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