Man Becomes World's Oldest New Dad at 96


Ramjeet Raghav, a 96-year-old Indian farmer, claims he now holds the record for being the oldest guy in the world to become a father after his wife gave birth to his second son earlier this month. Raghav actually beat his own record—his first son was born two years ago, when he was only 94.

He says that hasn’t taken any performance-enhancing drugs to increase his sex drive. Actually, he says lots of stuff about his sex drive. According to him, he can fuck all night.

I do it three or four times a night. I’m healthy and I enjoy sex with my wife. I think it’s very important for a husband and wife to have sex regularly and when she asks I will go on all night.

Um. Can you imagine? I mean, I guess he looks good for his age. He does have that kind of Iggy Pop chiseled lean muscle definition typically seen on people young enough to sustain a heroin or meth addiction. But, like, who has sex with a 96-year-old guy unless he’s a billionaire?

His baby mama, Shakuntala, that’s who. “It doesn’t matter how old he is,” she says. “I love him and I care for him dearly even though he shouts at me sometimes.” She also went into some detail about how he can “go on all night.”

BTW, what’s the big draw about having sex all night, anyway? Aren’t these people exhausted? They have a newborn and a toddler! And don’t farmers have to wake up super early? Raghav credits his vegetarian diet along with almonds, butter and milk for his virility.

While The Times of India says the government’s social welfare department lists him as 96-years-old, there’s no real way to verify that. A few years ago, when he made the news when after his first kid was born, he was going around telling people he was 100 even though he was supposedly only 94. Who knows why? Maybe once you get that old, you just round up to the nearest decade? Either way, there’s no doubt about it: he is one old motherfucker to be making babies.

But with all the hullabaloo over Raghav’s age, everybody is glossing over the fact that his wife Shakuntala just had her second kid at 52! That’s so much more remarkable, physically speaking.

Farmer, 96, Claims to Be World’s Oldest New Dad [ABC News]

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