Marc Jacobs, for Grey Gardens-ing on an Enchanted Isle


New York Fashion Week came to a glorious end with Marc Jacobs’ spring 2014 collection (well, sort of “spring 2014” collection: as he told, “I didn’t want the cliché of Spring and Summer, I wanted it to be about girls who have no problem coming to work in a Victorian gown and Birkenstocks”). FINALLY, someone stands up for us girls whose corporate wear consists of 19th century garb coupled with casual mountaineering footwear.

And avoid cliche Jacobs did with this one, eschewing the typical mild spring color palette for rich shades of maroon, midnight, and forest green and pairing oversized sweaters and antique-looking tasseled jackets with slinky skirts and athletic-inspired shorts. He also summoned up an army of elegant embroidered, lacy evening gowns that managed to evoke the Victorian era without feeling stodgy, trite or old-fashioned.

The overall effect is sort of “post-apocalyptic Victorian shipwrecks into beautiful postmodern trash heap” (I was eating a kale salad while I wrote that; please direct all hate mail to my work account). Here’s the rest of the collection:

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