March Madness Championship Game: MTV vs. Grunge


We always knew it, didn’t we, that it would somehow come down to this. Two sides of the same industry, seemingly at odds, but both needing each other to exist. In the 80s stadium, we have MTV — the VJs, the I Want Mys, the music videos and the commercialism. For the 90s we have Grunge — the melancholia, the plaid, the Eddie Vedders and the Seattle Sound. One rejects establishment. One is the establishment. Neither can live while the other survives, but nor can they survive while the other is dead.

Yesterday, MTV blew cocaine straight off its mirrored surface, claiming the final spot with nearly 70% of the vote. Meanwhile, over in the 90s conference, Grunge, Mary Jane Doc Marten strapped tightly on foot, delivered the final stomp to Gameboy, effectively ending its run for good. Tonight the champions of their decades meet face to face and this bloody battle of nostalgia finally comes to a close.

Watch this clip, then cast your votes.

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