March Madness Day 3: Like, For Sure Donna Martin Graduates


Welcome back to March Madness, friends! Yesterday was a tough battle in both conferences. In the 80s amphitheater, Debbie Gibson and Tiffany crushed The Coreys. Girl power! Over at 90s stadium, TRL kicked the ass of Urkel and the TGIF crew. But the fun’s not over! We have more matchups today! (Don’t forget to update your bracket or print this one out.)

So like the ’80s, right? It was like rully rully cool to talk like, a Californian, you know? And wear, like, O.P. and use Sun-In. So tubular. There was a pretty awesome movie called Valley Girl, in which Nicolas Cage played a rock-n-roll type from Hollyweird who falls in love with a bitchin’ babe, Julie from The Valley. A vote for Valley Girls is a vote for their love! Then again, what would the ’80s be without a perm? From body waves to Jheri Curls, getting spirals and a ton of volume were key. Flat hair? Gag me with a spoon.

As for 90210, where to begin? Way before the Housewives of Beverly Hills, we had Kelly, Steve, Donna, Brandon, Dylan, Brenda, and of course, Nat and the Peach Pit. Raise your hand if you remember the I Hate Brenda newsletter? But! While Nine is a juggernaut, how many hours were spent watching shapes fall into place playing Tetris on a Gameboy? Sometimes, if you close your eyes, you can still hear the music.

Enough reminiscing! Time to vote.

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