March Madness, Day 6: A Pie Upset, And The Last Match Of Round 1


In what will be remembered as a match for the ages, French Silk Pie just defied the odds, squeaking out a win over Cherry. It was a very close match. But the Sweet Sixteen is just around the corner!

[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]

But let us not move forward without giving the Cake Conference recognition where it is due: Carrot Cake, perhaps because of its cream-cheese frosting factor, took down Black Forest. A sad day for chocolate lovers everywhere.

And now, the FINAL MATCHUP of our the tournament’s first round! #2-seeded Ice Cream is chomping at the bit to take down #15 Spice in the Cake Conference; meanwhile, #15 Brown Sugar Pie will face #2 Cheesecake (which is a pie, end of discussion).

Will any Davids conquer these Goliaths? Cast your vote in both showdowns — polls close 3/26 at 1:55pm EDT. The road to glory is paved with sugar!

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