Mariah Carey Loves the Mariah Carey Album Title Generator


A single-gloved (fingerless) Mariah Carey stopped by David Letterman yesterday to chat about her upcoming art phenomenon concept album, Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse. She also gave Letterman the diva-with-a-thesaurus treatment by submitting his name to Time’s Mariah Carey Album Title Generator. So you can now officially call David Letterman He. He is David. The Magnificent Crooner.

Mariah also gave a bit of insight into the seemingly odd album title by showing a self-portrait (including a pack of cigarettes) she made when she was a wee tot that read “Me. I am Mariah.” So know we can all rest super easy knowing it makes all the sense in the world that three-year-old Mariah Carey named that album. And while that might not be the best defense of an album title, we all know there’s no point in questioning the elusive chanteuse anyway.

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