Marjorie Taylor Greene Spends $100K on Chapstick Worn by Speaker Kevin McCarthy

The congresswoman shelled out the cash at a House GOP auction/fundraiser just days after an old video surfaced of her boyfriend wearing drag.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Spends $100K on Chapstick Worn by Speaker Kevin McCarthy
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) embraces Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), his biggest fan, on the House Floor. Photo:Al Drago (Getty Images)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), our favorite congresswoman to drag, is having quite a week! On Sunday, an old video surfaced of her boyfriend, right-wing producer Brian Glenn, dressed as a woman for a newscast he was doing in Dallas around 2014. And Tuesday, Politico’s Olivia Beavers reported Greene shelled out $100,000 at a House auction for a tube of cherry chapstick worn by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), ostensibly to raise money for Republican campaigns.

Jezebel reached out to Greene to ask if that $100K came out of her personal banking account, and she hasn’t responded. But she can certainly afford it, as she is reportedly worth about $11 million since inheriting a successful construction company from her parents.

Now, why would Greene spend that much money on used chapstick? She’s clearly a huge fan of McCarthy’s, having very publicly rumbled with her colleagues earlier this year to fight for him to win the speakership (which took a humiliating 15 votes). But it’s also likely that she was trying to ingratiate herself with the House Republican caucus—and distract the media—after having to defend her boyfriend wearing drag at a time when drag queens are apparently the GOP’s public enemy #1; Greene herself has repeatedly railed against drag performers.

“I’m literally lol’ing,” she tweeted Sunday after the video of Glenn made the rounds on social media. “@brianglenntv dressed in drag for morning news in Dallas years ago reporting on an upcoming local theatre production and the morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack.”

“Brian loves the throwback and is reposting,” she insisted. “The left is so stupid.”

In case any of her colleagues were looking unkindly on Greene dating a man who once cosplayed as Mrs. Doubtfire, they can rest assured that she is still the kind of lady who would pay a large sum of money to moisturize her lips with the same tube of cherry nourishment that once touched the lips of her leader!

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