Martin Short Plays Pictionary With Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show


Pictionary is one of those games I have just never been all that into. It’s sort of like dating a really handsome guy who all your friends think is wonderful but you find boring as shit. But Pictionary with Miranda Sings, Jerry Seinfeld and Martin Short? That might make me come around.

Jimmy Fallon put them all together for one perfect Pictionary game. Here’s a few of my takeaways. Seinfeld is a really aggressive board game player and I think I might be scared of him. Also he sort of cheats. Short can yell louder than Seinfeld. Short has no idea what a hang glider is. Sings might be legitimately scared of all of these people. “Haters back off,” is the best thing anyone has ever put on the butt of a pair of pants.

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