Matt Barnes Says He's 'Too Grown' to Lie About Dating Rihanna


Rihanna’s wannabe boyfriend Matt Barnes continues to try to prove that he really was dating Rihanna and that he’s not a liar. Rihanna continues to be unbothered.

Last weekend, in an interview with TMZ, Barnes—who’s a basketball player—insinuated that Rihanna allowed him to date her when he said, “Rihanna’s my friend right now. So, uh, we’ll see where it goes.”

Rihanna then proceeded to burn Barnes via Instagram, by posting a photo of him with hashtags (#shesnotthatintoyou #shesneverevenmetyou) confirming that he’s delusional. Barnes is sticking by his story.

During an appearance on The Jim Rome Show on Thursday, he said:

“You live and you learn. When you’re in a situation like this and, you know, you just learn. You just got to keep stuff to yourself obviously. But the way I’m putting it right now, I’m too grown to lie, you know what I mean. It is what it is, I’m going to let this blow by like everything else blows by.”

He also said:

“What can you do? At the end of the day we’re all grown-ups. Like I said, I’m too grown to be lying about stuff but life is life. You live and you learn… In life in general, there’s no need. I’m grown. My upbringing just doesn’t allow me to have that kind of stuff in it. Life, sports whatever it is I’m just about the truth. I’m always going to be me, even if you know sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I’m always going to be me, because I speak on things I feel passionately about. So love me or hate me I’m going to be me regardless.”

Got it. Matt Barnes is Matt Barnes, whoever that is.

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