Matt Lauer's Wife Has Exiled Him From Their Hamptons Home: Report


Matt Lauer’s wife has finally gotten around to booting him from his home in the Hamptons meaning, dun dun dun….divorce is probably imminent.

Page Six reports that after nearly two decades of marriage, former Dutch model Annette Roque has forced the disgraced Today anchor to vacate the home he once shared with her and their three children.

Tempting though it is to picture him penniless on the street, huddled next to a dumpster while eating the congealed remains of a discarded taco, Lauer is going to be perfectly fine, at least financially. For now, he’s staying just down the street at another nearby home, and continues to own three more multi-million dollar properties, including a mansion in Sag Harbor and a 40-acre horse farm.

Divorce papers haven’t been filed yet, but apparently Lauer and Roque haven’t maintained the coziest relationship for, oh, half their marriage. From Page Six:

They have been living separate lives for a decade, with Roque remaining at the couple’s properties on Long Island, while Lauer lived in their Park Avenue apartment during the week. But a source close to Lauer, who turned 60 at the end of December, said that since he was fired he has been fighting to save his marriage, although Roque “is being very cold.”

What a bitch, acting that way after learning that your semi-estranged husband has allegedly been committing horrific acts against women for years. If anything, a man who purportedly installed a door-lock mechanism under his desk needs more sympathy now, not less!

Roque did once file for divorce in 2006, saying that she suffered “cruel and inhumane” treatment from Lauer, pointing to his “extreme anger and hostility” as the impetus for wanting out. She withdrew the filing a month later.

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